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Ashla, our Australian Cattle DogBlack Lab mix.

A Labrador retriever crossed with a blue heeler, also known as an Australian cattle dog, is one smart canine. Ideally, this hybrid dog combines the intensity of the blue heeler with the affable disposition of the Labrador retriever. Some people call these dogs “Labraheelers.”. Australian Cattle Dogs are high energy, intelligent animals they are actually considered 10th among most intelligent breeds of dogs. They require a substantial amount of exercise and mental stimulation, as they are traditionally used as herding. 30.12.2017 · My 4.5 month old blue heeler australian cattle dog lab retriever mix enjoying the Michigan snow. These golden retrievers will make you laugh your ASS OF.

22.09.2013 · Would an austrailian cattle dog/retriever mix be a good family pet? I live in a family with a 16 year old and a 20 year old. We want a lovable, sweet dog. The pairing between a Golden Retriever and an Australian Cattle Dog isn't all that common, but you may occasionally encounter this mix in a rescue. Appearance / health: While all mixed-breed dogs can vary in appearance, you can expect your Golden Retriever / Australian Cattle Dog Mix to be a good-sized and highly athletic animal. Bernese Cattle Dog - Bernese Mountain Dog x Australian Cattle Dog mix Bernese Rottie - Bernese Mountain Dog x Rottweiler mix Bich-poo - Bichon Frise x Poodle mix. Golden Dox - Golden Retriever x Dachshund mix Golden Indian Dog - Golden Retriever x Native American Indian Dog mix Golden Irish - Golden Retriever x Irish Setter mix. Labrador Retriever / Australian Cattle Dog Mixed Breed Dogs Information and Pictures "This is my dog Lyle. He is a red Heeler Lab mix. He was born on Halloween and is 1 and a half years old. He loves protecting his family by destroying any stuffed animal he finds. The Australian Shepherd Mix is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and another dog breed. This cross means that Australian Shepherd Mix puppies can have the traits of an Australian Shepherd, the other dog breed in the cross, or any combination of both of the parent breeds.

Australian Cattle Dog is originated from Australia but Golden Retriever is originated from United Kingdom. Australian Cattle Dog may grow 11 cm / 4 inches shorter than Golden Retriever. Australian Cattle Dog may weigh 20 kg / 44 pounds lesser than Golden Retriever. Australian Cattle Dog may live 3 years more than Golden Retriever. Indeed, the Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd is a loyal and friendly creature towards its masters, but when faced with danger, it becomes one of the bravest and courageous dogs you will ever see. To recap, these are the reasons why a Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix could be a good pet for your family: They can guard the house. Blue Heeler Golden Retriever Mix Pilot Point, TX - Labrador Retriever/Blue Heeler Mix. In addition to the primary colouration, an Australian Cattle Dog displays some patches of solid or near-solid colour. In both red and blue dogs, the most common are masks over one or both eyes, a white tip to the tail, a solid spot at the base of the. Golden Retrievers are high-energy dogs. Your Golden Retriever Mix will likely be the same. Even if the other parent breed is a low or moderate-energy dog, you will need to be prepared to deal with a high-energy dog. Daily walks, playtime, plus extra activity are a must for dogs with a lot of energy. The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix is part of a growing trend for crossbreed dogs. Australian Shepherds and Golden Retrievers are both extremely popular working dogs and family pets. Perhaps an Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever cross was inevitable.

Australian Shepherd mix puppies or Aussie mixes are affectionate family pets with a mischevious streak. Aussies are smart, high energy, and require regular intense exercise. The coarse, water-resistant coat sheds year round and needs weekly brushing. Ideally, this hybrid dog combines the intensity of the blue heeler with the affable disposition of the Labrador retriever. Some people call these dogs “Labraheelers.” The Australian cattle dog’s ancestry includes the dingo, the wild dog of the continent. About Us. Lancaster Puppies advertises puppies for sale in PA, as well as Ohio, Indiana, New York and other states. Feel free to browse hundreds of active classified puppy for sale listings, from dog breeders in Pa and the surrounding areas. Aussie Cattle Dog/Golden Retriever Mix self.AustralianCattleDog submitted 4 years ago by UpnUpvote. However, my one-year-old ACD mix no idea what she's mixed with is pure cattle dog when it comes to energy. We take her to the dog beach or the dog park to let her run off her energy and after an hour nap she is ready to go again. Find similarities and differences between Golden Retriever vs Australian Cattle Dog vs Alpine Mastiff. Compare Golden Retriever and Australian Cattle Dog and Alpine Mastiff. Which is better: Golden Retriever or Australian Cattle Dog or Alpine Mastiff?

10.10.2019 · "Golden Cocker Retriever" Golden Retriever/Cocker Spaniel mixed dog breed information, including pictures, characteristics, and facts. Find out about training, behavior, and care of Golden. The Australian Retriever is a not pure dog breed, it’s a hybrid dog. This dog is a mix of two different and most popular purebreds. Like Australian Shepherd and the Golden Retriever. This dog makes a great family dog and medium to a large sized dog that would make a loving, very intelligent, zealous and jolly pet that can steal the heart of. Australian Cattle Dog Golden Retriever Mix Photo Happy Dog Heaven June 11th, 2017, 5:03 am No comment 1398 views Riley the Golden Retriever Stock Photo Royalty Free Image. Find Golden Retriever dogs and puppies from Texas breeders. Australian Cattle Cocker Spaniel Collie Basset Hound Great Pyrenees Mini Australian Shepherd Doberman Pinscher Shiba Inu Mastiff Jack Russell Terrier Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. All Texas Cities Dogs in Texas by City.

A Labrador retriever crossed with a blue heeler, also known as an Australian cattle dog, is one smart canine. Ideally, this hybrid dog combines the intensity of the blue heeler with the affable disposition of the Labrador retriever. Some people call these dogs "Labraheelers.". Australian Cattle dogs worden zeer gelukkige en betrouwbare huisdieren als ze strikt opgeleid worden vanaf jonge leeftijd. Australian Cattle dogs hebben een neiging om agressief te zijn tegenover andere honden en ze zijn meestal niet geschikt voor kinderen. Australian Cattle Dog pups die zijn stevig opgeleid en sociale training krijgen vanaf. ranges from $399 to $600. From. To. Australian Cattle Dogs are very athletic, active canines, so be mindful that your dog is getting good nutrition to meet his needs. Learn about which human foods are safe for dogs. Mason • CHAMPION BLOODLINES! 1 year genetic health guarantee!!!! - Golden Retriever Puppy for Sale in Mt Hope, OH.

Australian Cattle Dog Lab Mix Products and Accessories. When bringing home your puppy, you will need plenty of supplies. We have some great information on products for Labs or Cattle Dogs, and since they are one of the parent breeds, many of the suggestions will work for your new Australian Cattle Dog Lab mix. Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Adoption. We asked the pros and we would choose all potential adopters of the noble breed, the German Shepherd, to perform research on these great dogs. German Shepherd canines aren't appropriate for everybody.

Australian Shepherd vs Golden Retriever. Comparison between Australian Shepherd Dog and Golden Retriever Dog. compare height, weight, life span, litter size a. 31.12.2010 · Here are the top ten most intelligent breeds in "The Intelligence of the Dog" book by Dr. Coren: 1.Border Collie 2.Poodle 3.German Shepherd 4.Golden Retriever 5.Doberman Pinscher 6.Shetland Sheepdog 7.Labrador Retriever 8.Papillon 9.Rottweiler 10.Australian Cattle Dog Most experienced trainers pretty much agree w/ this list. I do.

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