The Bloody Beetroots
12:45am – 2am

Bloody Beetroots is the guise under which producer and DJ Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo operates. Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, born in 1977, began playing classical music when he was a kid, but was soon affected by other influences: The raw energy of punk and rockabilly, the intense, outrageous imagery of comic artists such as Magnus and Benito Jacovitti and, above all, Tanino Liberatore, the inventor of Rank Xerox. And so it was that Rifo founded the Bloody Beetroots, his electronic alter ego. Bloody Beetroots released a biblical flood of productions. His tracks found their way into several episodes of C.S.I. Miami and best-selling video games.In 2007, Bob got signed to the U.S. label, Dim Mak, the brainchild of Steve Aoki. Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo tends to inspire similar revolutionary zeal, albeit with a party flavor. There is revolt out there and we’re all invited.