Together As One
  • Los Angeles Sports Arena & Grounds
  • Thursday December 31st, 2009
  • New Year's Eve 2010
  • Presented by Go Ventures and Insomniac

shy fx


B. André Williams, London, England. A cult UK-based ragga and jungle producer, Williams established his reputation with his first two singles, "Gangsta Kid" and "Original Nuttah" in 1994. While completing a sound engineering course as a teenager, Williams was given a work experience placement at the influential UK label, Sound Of Underground Records (S.O.U.R.). Clearly, the label recognised the young engineer's talent in the studio and released his debut singles. "Original Nuttah" featured dialogue from the Martin Scorsese gangster movie Goodfellas, crashing breakbeats and the ragga "scatting" of UK Apachi. Like its predecessor, "Original Nuttah' became a ragga jungle anthem and eventually reached the UK Top 40. Williams" relationship with S.O.U.R. ended after he became one of the first jungle artists to record an album, Just An Example. After this release, he parted company with the label and established two of his own in 1996, Ebony and Ivory. His highly successful productions "The Message" and "Bambaata", released in 1996 and 1997 respectively, were further demonstrations of his love of ragga and hip-hop, dynamically fused to form "jump-up" jungle tracks. He also released tracks under the 45 Roller, 5th Amendment, Studio 2 and Studio 4 aliases.

Throughout his career he has worked closely with T-Power, both as "Ebony Dubsters" and "Shy-FX and T-Power"; their 2002 track "Shake Your Body" with vocalist Di was a crossover success, appearing in the Top 40 UK Singles Chart. Shy FX and T Power have achieved far reaching success in the drum and bass field. They've reworked everything from R&B to latin riffs to hip hop beats; these two London based pioneers have studied the old school with distinction and are set to educate the masses. No one can deny that their popularity and success has guaranteed their place in today's musical curriculum.


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